Contest that Made Me “Just a Blogger”

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I know it sounds shocking, but this is my first personal blog. I have been a ghost blogger, guest blogger, or blog editor and now I’m rather thrilled to make the first step as just a blogger, without any prefix.

It’s funny enough that guest blogging was the main spur to my personal blog. I have been mulling the idea of getting a small corner in the boundless blogosphere for quite some time now, but it was the Mad SEO Scientist Guest Blogging Contest pushed me towards action.

In order to qualify for the contest, I need to publish a post about it and link to my contest post, as well as, include links to all of the sponsors, which I will do right now (in case you want to know what’s my blog will be about, be sure to read to the end of this post):

My entry

Google+ has been giving me enough brainwork during the past month. I was looking for the opportunities to increase our company’s follower base there and the Google+ Page Contest and Promotion Policies have definitely become a serious obstacle in my efforts. In my guest post for MySEOCommunity I share the results of my examination of Google’s promotion guidelines and give some ideas on how to boost your brand on Google Plus staying within the rules. I also encourage fellow marketers to share their opinions on this matter, so please join the discussion by commenting the post!


I’d like to thank all the people that made the Mad SEO Scientist contest, which are the following:

$1000. Sponsors

Next Digital is Asia/Pacific’s largest full-service digital agency. They specialise in creative, marketing, strategy and technology, leading the new digital age to discover what’s next! Digital Marketing

$150. Sponsors

Google AdWords

WordStream, provider of ppc software and a better Google Keyword tool

Search Engine Marketing Group SEO Link Building services

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Julie Joyce

Doc Sheldon The Clinic

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$50. Sponsors

Brian Waraksa Houston Internet marketing

Jacob Share Group Writing Projects

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The people at Top Web Design Schools, a directory of web related college programs

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Bob Jones Perth SEO News Puff Commercial Greenhouses Supplies Our Crazy Deals Canadian News

David Leonhardt SEO Ottawa

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Milan Matchev Travel Directory

Contest Media Partners

Contest Media Partner Blogengage

Free Blogengage Account $29.95 Value

Ana Hoffman

Non-cash SEO Prizes

David Harry A full years membership at SEO Dojo, a value of $250.SEO Training Dojo

Lifetime membership to: My Blog Guest. is the free guest post exchange community where users meet to exchange guest posts and network.

Link-Assistant.Com SEO PowerSuite Enterprise (max. functionality license) SEO tools – the best tool to spy on your competitors ($210 value) 1 Year subscription to their Professonal SEO tools 1 Year Business web hosting

Last but not least

As promised, I’d like to tell you more about the focus of my personal blog.

Until now my blogging efforts were mostly based on research writing since I didn’t have enough experience and expert knowledge in any particular area that I could blog about. I’ve been working as a copywriter and social media specialist for more than a year now and at this point I feel that I can get involved in the discussion and be a valuable member of the community. That’s what I will try to do with IndieBlog where I will cover social media, copywriting, as well as other areas of an ever-growing universe called the Internet.

That’s it for today. If you like my contest post, please spread the word. Thank you.

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