The Art of the Film Title in the History of Cinema

Have you ever thought of what makes you remember a certain movie or TV show? Of course, it’s the story being told, you’ll say. But what about movies such as Goldfinger, Seven and Snatch? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? We are pretty sure their opening title sequences stick out for many of you.

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The History of Web Design Blogs

Although the article may seem rather subjective to you, we hope that it will give you at least some basic understanding of how it all started and evolved into its current state.

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  • Date: 17 May, 2010
  • Published by: PelFusion
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A Closer Look at Choosing Between Flash and jQuery

Instead of trying to replace Flash, it’s more effective, in our opinion, to use jQuery in a completely different niche, like creating web applications that are a balance of visual attractiveness and functionality.

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  • Date: 4 August, 2010
  • Published by: Onextrapixel
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A Starter Kit for Business Card Designer

This post targets a diverse audience. It features a collection of remarkable business card designs that could help you in your search for creative ideas. The round-up of fresh tutorials and business card templates further down might come in handy for those who don’t have the skills or experience to design their own.

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Fashion Websites: Trends and Case Studies

In this post, we’ll look at websites from the fashion industry. We spoke with two developers whose websites differed in style and implementation to find out the considerations involved in designing a website for a fashion brand. Further below, you’ll find a collection of smart websites done by clothing designers, photographers, make-up artists and other players.

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Blog Content

If you are too busy to blog or see no effect from your blogging efforts, than you might take advantage of a professional blogging service. I can write for your blog on a regular basis working out your ideas or steering the entire publishing policy on your behalf.

Guest post offers are welcome too. The circle of topics I write on includes, but is not limited to, Web Design, Social Media, Photography & Art, Technology, Mobile and Gadgets.

Article Writing

(I was told) I write clear, consistent and informative articles that keep readers’ attention from the first to the last paragraph. Thorough research and understanding the audience I write for are my main principles. Commissioning me with writing an article, you get your message delivered to the readers in a way unobtrusive and interesting for them.

Website content

Web users do not read online copy, they rather view it, skimming and scrolling through text. I write web literate, reader-friendly content that will convey your business identity and improve your sales.

SEO Copywriting

It’s impossible to write SEO- friendly copy without having decent technical and analytical skills. I’m capable of doing a sophisticated keyword selection and seamlessly wind keywords in copy as if they were laid off with invisible ink, which only search engine can see.

Challenge me!

I specialize in online copywriting and have succeeded developing the aforesaid types of conent. In case your project requires some other services not listed above, there still are chances I can help you. Jobs in web design industry split into hundreds of specializations and often the same skill is defined differently. Get in touch to make sure I can fit your criteria. Anyway, I’m ready to climb new tops, so if you are looking for a smart and creative copywriter, who is able to catch your needs on the fly, look no further!


Julia May Portrait

The first thing I'd like you to know about me is that I'm devoted to writing. In addition to that, I'm imaginative and down-to-earth, curious and sceptic, responsible and risky, progressive and consevative. Somehow all this unites and interweaves to make up Julia May, a freelance web copywriter, blogger and researcher. To see how that's possible, check out my portfolio.


Other Projects

I'm chief-editor at PhotoInterview, an online journal dedicated to the interviews with talented photographers from all over the world. It is available in two languages — English and Russian.

I have a passion for crafting things. Soon an online shop of my hand-made felt goodies will be launched.



I've been writing regularly for ReadyPhotoSite Blog from August 2009 till July 2010, writing at average 2 posts per week.

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The reason of FlashMint being unique in its way is the adoption of new flash technologies in creation of best Flash Templates for any purpose and for all tastes.

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Website builder by Site2You is a handy tool to create a website in minutes. You will easily make a website and put it online. Absolutely no skills required.

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I've been writing occasionally for FlashScope Blog during a year.

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